Lords Mobile FAQs

What are orange colored gears in lords mobile?

Orange colored gears are Mythical gears in lords mobile, almost all of your gears can be upgraded more than the default maximum of their stats when you unlock Mythical gears by researching Breakthrough in Military Command from Academy.

What is Blazing Ember?

Blazing Ember is a special material, that is used to upgrade your legendary (golden) grade gears to mythical grade.

Which troops are fastest in travel speed?

Tier 1 Troops are fastest in travel speed, cavalry of each tier travels faster than any other troop type from the same tier

How to increase monster hunting energy limit?

Monster hunting energy limit can be increased from various researches in Academy, by hiring and upgrading Scarlet Bolt and Trickster, and by forging monster hunting gears

How to increase troops training speed in lords mobile?

There are multiple researches in academy to increase troops training speed, apart from them building and upgrading manors add sufficient increment to your training speed. A hero named Watcher also increases troops training speed

What is watcher event?

Watcher Event is a Hell Event that rewards Medal for the hero Watcher. Collect 10 medals to hire the Watcher, Watcher helps you increase your troops training speed

How to increase Free Speed Ups time?

Free Speeds Up time is increased by VIP level

How to unlock t3 troops?

To unlock t3 troops, you need to upgrade your academy to level 17

How to unlock t4 troops

To unlock t4 troops, you need to upgrade your academy to level 25, and complete your Military Tree Researches. Check our Academy Lv.25 Calculator, and t4 calculator for detailed insight

How to increase shelter capacity?

Shelter Capacity is increased by increasing your castle level. You can also train familiars named Harpy to increase Shelter Capacity

What are research points in Hell Events?

Research points denote the Might of the researches

How to spend gold in lords mobile ?

Researches are Gold Hungry, if you have mistakenly open gold from your bags, head over to academy to spend it

How to calculate resources in bags?

Click on your castle in your turf, with each resource type, there is a mention of 'from items', that amount denotes the resources in bags

Where to get special materials like Gryphon Core and Noceros Lightning Vial?

Even though game claims these materials can be found by hitting monsters, but the drop rate of these special materials is very less. You can get these materials from special event of labyrinth guardian. The Frostwing Guardian and Event (Material) Guardians rotate each week.

Where to get devil's cap?

Devil's Cap is sometimes available in paid packs. Keep looking out for packs to get devil's cap

Difference between garrison and reinforce?

When you reinforce your guildmates, your army termporarily becomes part of your guildmates army, the gears and talents of your guildmates applies on your army as well. While when you send garrison to your guildmates, your army becomes the primary line of defence in their castle. Any invading army will have to bypass your army to reach your guildmates castle. Your gears, talents and stats will be applied to your garrisoned army.

What is Soul Crystal, War Tome, Steel Cuffs and Crystal Pickaxe?

These are special materials required to upgrade specials buildings, Altar, Battle Hall, Prison and Treasure Trove. Altar, Battle Hall and Prison are required to be upgraded to Lv.25 before you can upgrade your academy to Lv.25. Check out our Academy Lv.25 Calculator

What is White Bonus, Green Bonus, Blue Bonus, Purple Bonus, Gold Bonus, Rare Supply Bonus, Champion Chest?

These are special mall items, that are distribute to the whole guild when any of your guild mate make purchases in the game.

What is Archaic Tome ?

Archaic Tome is an special material, that are required to research Sigils, Wonder Battles and 'Gears'

How to increase rally size?

To increase your rally size, upgrade battle hall building.

What happends when your food reaches zero? Do troops die with zero food?

No troops do not die with zero food, nothing happens to troop.

What are hyper farms?

Hyper farms are game accounts, made for the purpose to build only one type of resource buildings to produce million of certain resources per hour.

How to play Lords Mobile on PC?

Lords Mobile is a mobile game, it is not available for PC, but you can download mobile emulator to play it from PC. Some popular mobile emulators are NOXPlayer, BlueStacks, MEmu

How to get Gold quickly?

If you are caught in a situation where you urgently need gold, you can sell Hero trophies to get quite reasonable amount of gold. Also check labyrinth for frostwing guardian, it spits gold.

How to get Resources quickly?

If you are doing hell event, you often can be caught in a situation where you are out resources. For those situations Use Admin Quest and Guild Quest to get the resources

What is Army Capacity?

Army capacity is the amount of resources your troops can carry

What are champion gears?

Champion gears can be forged when you reach player level 60. Materials for champion gears can be obtained by buying packs only. Some of the materials of champsion set and champion chests may occassionally appear as a part of rewards from different events.

What is the best way to spend gems?

If you have not built academy level 25, spend gems only in buying special materials for Altar, Prison, Battle Hall and Treasure Trove. For later stages, use gems to speed up research.

How to Increase Wall HP ?

Apart from upgrading your Castle Wall building, you can research Wall Strength I,II,II from the Defense, and Wall Durability I, II from the Upgrade Defenses

How to increase resource supply capacity?

To increase resource supply capacity, upgrade Trading Post building

Can I protect the gold from attacks?

Upgrade your vault to lv.25 to protect your gold from attacks

What are Skillstones?

Skillstones in lords mobile are required to activate special attacks skills of some of the Familiars.

How to find guildmate location?

You can find the location of any of your guild member by sending them resources.

How to send the resources to guild members?

Open up the profile of your guildmate, click on Settings icon and then click on Send Resources

How often is Guild Fest in Lords Mobile?

Guild Fest event in Lords Mobile, repeats after every two weeks. It is a 7 days long event

What is Guild Fest in Lords Mobile?

Guild Fest is a week long event. During Guild Fest, guild members can complete different quests to score points. At the end of guildfest, you get amazing rewards against those points

What is get a random quest in Lords mobile?

Random Quests are unlocked in Expert Gauntlet of Guild Fest. It is like a gamble, because on selecting the random quest you can be assigned from the list of random quests, some of them are easy and some are crazy difficult to complete. Check out the list of random quests

How do you earn Guild coins?

Most common way to earn Guild Coins is by sending help to your guild members. Apart from that you can complete 'Guild Quests' to get guild coins. Guild coins are also a part of rewards in Dragon Arena

What is spam help in Lords mobile?

Spam help is a way to collect guild coins, or complete guild fest help quest. For spam help you ask for building or research help again and again, so you guild members can complete their quest. Read our guide on spam help for more details

How do you get Jewels in lords mobile?

You can get jewels by opening Jewel Chest, which can be bought from guild coins. Jewels can also be won as a rewards in Guild Fest. You also jewels occasionally from Guild and Admin Quests. Another way of getting random jewels is to unlock pact 4 familiar Hoarder and upgrade it to elder stage

What is a solo event in Lords mobile?

Solo event is a regular event, which repeats every three hours. You are given different tasks to complete the solo event. Upon completing the solo event you are given different gifts

How do you get a mystery box in Lords mobile?

Mystery box is a small jumping box on the right side of your game screen. Read more on mystery box

How do you get EXP elixir in Lords mobile?

EXP Elixir are not available to be purchased from gems and guild coins, however you can get them by purchasing bundles or by using luck tokens in Kingdom Tycoon

What is the max level in Lords mobile?

The max level of heroes in lords mobile is level 60